When Will I See Results

There are many moving parts when assisting you with removing inaccurate information, results in 30 days can’t be guaranteed. However, most clients see the best results within three to four months. Some clients see results in 30 days and some clients’ results come back in 60 days. It all depends on your credit Bureau and your cooperation with contacting us with updated credit reports.

Step One

 We require clients provide us with their credit reports from all three credit bureaus (Equifax, Transunion, and Experian). We have no preference as to where to pull all three credit reports, we can advice you on several Credit monitoring companies that offer all three credit scores and credit reports.

Step Two

A deep credit analysis of your credit report of inaccurate information. We then look at the various factors that are pulling your credit score down and provide you with actionable steps to get your score back up. Our overall goal is fixing your credit from start to finish. 

Step Three

The preparation of disputing  all of the inaccurate, misleading, and unverifiable information. This consist of challenging questionable information with the credit bureau, creditor, and collectors. Once the dispute letters are ready, we send them out and wait 30 to 40 days for updates. 

Step Four

Finally, once you receive the updated credit report, we analyze for changes to the inaccurate and unverifiable information. If there are changes, we then update your file and move on to the next inaccurate item. If the item comes back verified, we follow up with the credit bureaus to get a resolution on why the inaccurate information is still on your credit report.

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